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You are cordially invited to submit or recommend articles to Technium: BioChemMed. Please refer to the following publishing advantages for detail:

  • In order to encourage the long-term scientific research, we use NGO sponsorship.
  • Easy Online Manuscript Submission System
  • Fair, Rigorous Peer Review Process
  • Rapid Publication Process
  • Helpful and Responsive Service
  • The Widest Dissemination
  • Compliant with open access policies
  • Indexed in bibliographic databases in the future
  • Organize special issues periodically
  • Authorized Editorial Board
  • Provide a common platform for all the members

     Publishing Fee for next volume is 100 Euro.

Manuscripts to be considered for publication have to be submitted online. If you are experiencing difficulties during the submission process, please feel free to contact the editor at
Please consider contributing to Technium BioChemMed volume and publish your work related to  Multidisciplinary Research, Biology, Chemistry and Medicine.

Technium BioChemMed publishes papers on all aspects of fundamental and applied chemistry, biology and medicine. The journal is naturally broad in scope, welcomes submissions from across a range of disciplines, and reports both theoretical and experimental studies.

Subject areas include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Analytical chemistry, including new techniques and instrumentation
  • Biochemistry and medicinal chemistry
  • Inorganic chemistry, including main group, transition metal, and f-block compounds, as well as coordination, organometallic, and solid state chemistry
  • Materials chemistry of hard and soft matter, from the nanoscale upwards
  • Nuclear chemistry and radioactivity
  • Organic chemistry, including synthesis, characterisation, and properties of organic compounds, as well as study of organic reactions and their mechanisms
  • Physical chemistry and chemical physics
  • Sustainable, green, and environmental chemistry
  • Theoretical and computational chemistry
  • biochemistry
  • biodiversity
  • bioethics
  • bioinformatics
  • biomathematics
  • biophysics
  • biostatistics
  • botany
  • cell biology
  • conservation
  • developmental biology
  • education in biology and related disciplines
  • entomology
  • evolutionary biology
  • genetics
  • immunology
  • marine biology
  • mathematical biology
  • microbiology
  • molecular biology
  • neurobiology
  • neuroscience
  • ornithology
  • paleobiology
  • paleontology
  • parasitology
  • pharmacology
  • physiology
  • plant biology
  • proteomics
  • radiation biology
  • reproductive biology
  • structural biology
  • systems biology
  • virology
  • zoology

The journal also welcomes submissions from outside (or in between) of the traditional subject areas. Interdisciplinary articles, with an emphasis on chemistry, are certainly encouraged. The journal also considers manuscripts related to specific industries, for example agriculture, food, and petroleum.

As well as original research, BioChemMed also publishes focused review articles that examine the state of the art, identify emerging trends, and suggest future directions for developing fields.


  • Call for papers - Technium BioChemMed: Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Biology, Chemistry and Medicine (ISSN 2734 - 7990) Vol. 2 No. 2 (2021)


    Dear Professor / Researcher,

    Technium BioChemMedJournal of Multidisciplinary Research, Biology, Chemistry and Medicine (ISSN 2734 - 7990) is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes original and high-quality research papers. Technium BioChemMed publishes original papers of high scientific standard related to chemistry, biology and medicine and multidisciplinary studies.


    Last date of paper submission for next volume: 10th of May, 2021. Publication fee: 100 Euro (discount from 200 Euro for this issue)  

    Submission Process:  Authors are kindly invited to submit their formatted full papers.
    All paper submissions will be blind peer reviewed and evaluated based on originality, research content, correctness, relevance to conference and readability. Please read complete submission and formatting guidelines before submitting your paper.

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    • Online Submission: Paper Submission can be completed online, here.
    • Email Submission: If you are unable to submit your manuscript using Online System, you may submit with complete details via email to
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  • DOAJ indexed Technium BioChemMed: Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Biology, Chemistry and Medicine (ISSN 2734 - 7990)


    Dear Authors,

    We come to you with great news: after about 6 months in which the Technium BioChemMed: Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Biology, Chemistry and Medicine (ISSN 2734 - 7990)  was under review by DOAJ database, we finally achieved the DOAJ indexing.    DOAJ database is bringing your research and accomplishments to the attention of a broader audience also makes you more visible in your field.   Please share this news with your mates and friends!     Best regards, Technium Science Technium BioChemMed: Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Biology, Chemistry and Medicine (ISSN 2734 - 7990) 



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    Now we open submission for CFP Proceeding EsiTech 2021, Please submit your article by using this form, the article will be reviewed to get best quality paper, as for scope for this call for paper as follows (not limited):

    • Advanced Ecological Materials
    • Advanced Technologies in Engineering
    • CAD/CAM/CAE/CFD & Optimisation of Systems
    • Chemistry in Marine Industry and Education
    • Circuit Devices and Control Systems
    • Design and Manufacturing
    • Energy Conversion & Management
    • Environmental protection and sustainable development
    • Fluid Dynamics & Heat Transfer Systems
    • Modern Fuels & Combustion
    • Management in Shipping & Port Operations
    • Marine Materials & Equipment
    • Maritime Education & Training Technologies
    • Maritime Meteorology & Oceanography
    • Mathematics in Marine Industry and Education
    • Multimodal Transportation
    • Naval Architecture & Offshore Technologies
    • Naval Engineering & Navigation
    • Onboard Electric Equipment
    • Power Electronics & Energy Systems
    • Signal Theory & Signal Processing
    • Sustainable Transportation
    • Techniques & Technologies for the Development of Maritime & River Transport
    • Transportation Management & Technologies
    • Power transmission and distribution
    • High voltage engineering
    • Renewable Energy
    • Smart grid technology
    • Control and instrumentation systems
    • Robotics
    • Power electronics
    • Signal and image processing
    • Embedded systems
    • Wireless communication and network
    • Remote sensing
    • Mobile application
    • Biomedical informatics
    • Security system
    • Software engineering
    • Internet of things
    • Database and data mining
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Data Mining and Big Data
    • Image Processing
    • Machine Learning
    • Neural Network
    • Mathematics
    • Computer network
    • Digital Forensic
    • Natural Language Programming
    • Water and waste treatment
    • Process control
    • Material technology
    • Food technology
    • Polymer technology
    • Chemical reaction engineering and catalyst
    • Bioprocess engineering
    • Aerodynamics
    • Applied mechanics
    • Automotive engineering
    • Biomedical engineering
    • Composite and material engineering
    • Computational mechanics
    • Physics
    • Education and Technology


    Here are some important notes when submitting articles:

    1. The article should be free of plagiarism and the similarity should be below 15%
    2. The number of pages of articles range from 4 until 8 pages
    3. Submitted article must follow the given template and the maximal author per paper is only 5 authors.
    4. Reference writing and citation must use MENDELEY.
    5. Articles will be published in Scopus indexed proceedings IOP EES
    6. The cost per paper is 250 Euro, paid after accept (Non Refundable)
    7. Acceptance and Reject information will be emailed to correspondent email
    8. Deadline submission is April 30, 2021, Acceptance and rejection notification in 1 week after article submitted.
    9. Article submitted to IOP publisher on 15 May , 2021., and prediction published in September 2021
    10. Template IOP EES :

    12 Please don't use this word in your title paper: business, management, language development, pedagogy, psychology, values, policy, religion, health, economics, employment, religious content,  games

    Last EsiTech 2020 volume already published here:

    *For Conference Organizer who like to publish proceeding submitted to Scopus/WOS, please message me at or whatsapp to +44 790 281 2729


    Tech Hub Research Conference Organising Committee

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