Two-Dimensional Ethnicity

ISBN 978-606-95069-5-0


  • Parsa Baghdadi



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A Study of the Misguided Man in Modernism , Finding a Savior in Reaching the Utopia in society of the celebrities and celebrityism


The choice of the celebrity[ism ] phenomenon is as a fixed function merely a symbolic study to provide an overview of several abstracts and homogeneous concepts from different views in individual and collective daily life in a creature that according to scientific studies, is the most complex cosmic phenomenon known to date. Because his brain has ability to make non-instinctive choices, it is able to transmit experiences in the form of "dialectically and generationally classified information" and at the same time senses metamorphosis from within as a creature of ugliness and staff. He can also becomes self-aware and engineers his future. Man is a coercived social being, so in his daily encounters and contacts, he experiences many actions-reactions, and this is what determines his behavior and destiny. In the perception of the mass of people, "a celebrity " like other products of "modernity and modernism" is considered as a purely negative thing, and the pathology of this phenomenon needs to be examined more deeply in the human mind [good or evil].Since critical and radical thinking has been one of the main philosophical foundations of Eastern and Western thinkers since World War II, we must be aware that what will brings us to a common conclusion is an approach agreement among thousands of scattered yet close views. Together they aim to reach a common approach at the local and global levels, and also three issues can not be ignored.



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