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Book Editing Service for Academic Authors


Academic book editing requires an unprecedented attention to detail – something Technium Books understands very well. In addition to the standard checks for grammar and accuracy, it involves the resolution and management of many complex issues related to style and content.

First, academic books typically have a lengthy word count, very technical content and a tight publishing deadline. Second, they are often split into multiple subject-specific chapters, written by multiple authors. In addition, books have to comply with strict formatting guidelines to meet the requirements of Technium Books.

Thus, to achieve a high quality edit, consistency, cohesion, and clarity are important; it is also imperative that book editors provide the author with relevant suggestions based on the flow and content of the book. So, whenever you do submit a project to Technium books editing services, you can be assured that your book is handled by experts who will help you resolve all possible issues at an affordable rate and within a stipulated deadline.

Furthermore, Technium Books also specializes in providing book proofreading services that optimize the readability and accuracy of the content. All our proofreaders are highly professional individuals with years of experience in proofreading books. Submit your final draft and Technium Books proofreaders will thoroughly check it for errors related to grammar and punctuation. If any problems are discovered, they are flagged and corrected.


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