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Join online conference EsiTech 2020 on 16-18 October 2020.
Main theme: International Conference on Sustainable Future and Environmental Science
Deadline: 15th of October, 2020


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    Now we open submission for CFP Proceeding EsiTech 2021, Please submit your article by using this form, the article will be reviewed to get best quality paper, as for scope for this call for paper as follows (not limited):

    • Advanced Ecological Materials
    • Advanced Technologies in Engineering
    • CAD/CAM/CAE/CFD & Optimisation of Systems
    • Chemistry in Marine Industry and Education
    • Circuit Devices and Control Systems
    • Design and Manufacturing
    • Energy Conversion & Management
    • Environmental protection and sustainable development
    • Fluid Dynamics & Heat Transfer Systems
    • Modern Fuels & Combustion
    • Management in Shipping & Port Operations
    • Marine Materials & Equipment
    • Maritime Education & Training Technologies
    • Maritime Meteorology & Oceanography
    • Mathematics in Marine Industry and Education
    • Multimodal Transportation
    • Naval Architecture & Offshore Technologies
    • Naval Engineering & Navigation
    • Onboard Electric Equipment
    • Power Electronics & Energy Systems
    • Signal Theory & Signal Processing
    • Sustainable Transportation
    • Techniques & Technologies for the Development of Maritime & River Transport
    • Transportation Management & Technologies
    • Power transmission and distribution
    • High voltage engineering
    • Renewable Energy
    • Smart grid technology
    • Control and instrumentation systems
    • Robotics
    • Power electronics
    • Signal and image processing
    • Embedded systems
    • Wireless communication and network
    • Remote sensing
    • Mobile application
    • Biomedical informatics
    • Security system
    • Software engineering
    • Internet of things
    • Database and data mining
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Data Mining and Big Data
    • Image Processing
    • Machine Learning
    • Neural Network
    • Mathematics
    • Computer network
    • Digital Forensic
    • Natural Language Programming
    • Water and waste treatment
    • Process control
    • Material technology
    • Food technology
    • Polymer technology
    • Chemical reaction engineering and catalyst
    • Bioprocess engineering
    • Aerodynamics
    • Applied mechanics
    • Automotive engineering
    • Biomedical engineering
    • Composite and material engineering
    • Computational mechanics
    • Physics
    • Education and Technology


    Here are some important notes when submitting articles:

    1. The article should be free of plagiarism and the similarity should be below 15%
    2. The number of pages of articles range from 4 until 8 pages
    3. Submitted article must follow the given template and the maximal author per paper is only 5 authors.
    4. Reference writing and citation must use MENDELEY.
    5. Articles will be published in Scopus indexed proceedings IOP EES
    6. The cost per paper is 250 Euro, paid after accept (Non Refundable)
    7. Acceptance and Reject information will be emailed to correspondent email
    8. Deadline submission is April 30, 2021, Acceptance and rejection notification in 1 week after article submitted.
    9. Article submitted to IOP publisher on 15 May , 2021., and prediction published in September 2021
    10. Template IOP EES :

    12 Please don't use this word in your title paper: business, management, language development, pedagogy, psychology, values, policy, religion, health, economics, employment, religious content,  games

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