LI-FI (Light Fidelity) Technology using light for transmission of Data, a review paper


  • LUQMAN MUHAMMED MUSTAFA College of Basic Education- Computer Science Department- University of Sulaimani


Li-Fi Technology is one of the developing fields that enhance the sharing of data between frameworks. Explored that transmission of data through visible light by sending data through an LED light. As LED light changes in recurrence speedier than the human eye can see it in like manner to have higher repeat than Radio wave which realizes impressively higher speed than Wi-Fi.


As LED light changes in recurrence faster than the human eye can see, it in like manner have higher repeat than Radio wave which achieves significantly higher speed than Wi-Fi. Driven builds the potency, strength and Information rate, thus empowering the improvement of Li-Fi systems and Obvious Light Correspondence (VLC) structure


The Speed of around 10 Gbps can be proficient by using Drove Globules instead of using all ordinary shining handles or littler fluorescent devices. The extent of the Ontogeny is to utilize an LED Electric-light bulb as a medium of selective information transmission and Communicating in such a way that can be implemented in Home, office, System, and Industries. These days, with the quick betterment of remote craft the consequence of using compass adequately is ending up being more objective.


By leveraging the low-cost nature of LEDs and lighting units there are many opportunities to exploit this medium, from public internet accession through street lamps to an automobile -piloted cars that communicate through their headlights.





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