The expression of teachers' self-directed learning byimproving their qualificationin the context of sustainable development


  • Ausra Kazlauskiene Vilnius University Siauliai Academy (Lithuania)


The professional development of a teacher affects not only his / her practical activities, it also indirectly affects students' achievements. Teacher training institutions cannot provide finite skills, especially in the face of today’s dynamics and change. Therefore, the pedagogue must improve professionally so that his / her activities respond to the dynamics of change in the development needs of students, society and the state.

The relevance of the research is determined by the fact that in today's education system the development of self-directed learning as a basic competence for lifelong learning and lifelong learning is important and relevant (Kazlauskien?, Gau?ait?, Masiliauskien?ir kt., 2013).

Today's educator must be able to plan his / her learning, at the same time improve his / her qualification, which is relevant for municipal learning. Therefore, this study attempts to answer the question - what is the expression of teachers' self-government learning.





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