Human suffering during pandemic Covid 19


  • David Ming and Novita Loma Sahertian Abdi Gusti Theological Seminary Institute Chritian Education


Suffering is a legacy of the existence of the world of souls [humans] living on earth. Suffering is not imagination, not some nightmare, on the contrary is real, actual, but not academic. Suffering comes when humans are born. Humans cannot escape suffering. Suffering comes from various angles of life. Suffering comes from a broken relationship with God. Starting from the failure of Adam and Eve's relationship with God, humans began to feel suffering. Humans cannot resist the suffering they experience. The purpose of this study is to determine the cause of human suffering and its consequences specially covid -19 has become a pandemic in almost all countries in the world. This pandemic made scientists think hard to find the cause of the virus and at the same time struggle until now to find the right medicine and vaccine. This pandemic has caused panic in the world community, including Indonesia. Because the emergence of this virus is very dangerous and can be deadly as well as its rapid spread, making people think that this virus is a kind of divine punishment on humans, some even ask whether this virus is part of the signs that the end of time has arrived. This panic made it difficult for religious leaders to answer questions and respond to wild statements. Therefore The author uses a descriptive method of literature and research results as follows: first, mercy is the perfect character of the deity of God. God's mercy from eternal to eternal. Kindness is the essence of the quality of divinity, but God shows mercy on an ongoing basis through His sovereign will on Human Suffering. Second, the source of God's mercy. The source of God's mercy is God's goodness and love expressed mysteriously. God's mercy is stated to guide someone to live righteously in this pandemic situation. People who receive God's mercy are living in godly living conditions and they need God's protection or care in this pandemic condition.  Third, God's mercy cannot be stopped by humans suffering. Instead humans can be made to not understand by God. God is free to act surprisingly, correcting human deviation insuffering life. God is free to allow the test and not to tell anyone about it that was tested.





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