Vol. 9 (2021): The 9th TECHNIUM International Conference

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Dear TECHNIUM Friends,

It is with great delight we welcome you to the 9th TECHNIUM International Conference in partnership with Eximia PUB. 


Key Speaker Mr. Suresh Aluvihara email: sureshaluvihare@gmail.com


The conference will cover a wide range of multidisciplinary topics:

  • Chemistry in Marine Industry and Education
  • Commercial and Naval Ship Technology
  • Control & Automation Technologies
  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Energy Conversion & Management
  • Environmental protection and sustainable development
  • Fluid Dynamics & Heat Transfer Systems
  • Management in Shipping & Port Operations
  • Mathematics in Marine Industry and Education
  • Multimodal Transportation
  • Naval Architecture & Offshore Technologies
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Threats to ecosystems
  • Maritime health
  • Marine biodiversity and bioprospecting
  • Optimisation of Systems & CAD/CAM/CAE/CFD
  • Structural Materials
  • Technologies in Engineering
  • Social Sciences
  • Other topics related to conference

At 9th TECHNIUM 2021, academia and industry will gather to share valuable ideas and develop new colaborations. TECHNIUM 2021 will provide all participants a firm platform for a meaningful academic, industrial, social and cultural experience for the conference participation.

Conference date 30-31.10.2021/ 10.00 AM GMT

Conference session will use Webex / Zoom Software.   

Make sure you get the right date and time for conference start:

UK, Portugal, Cameroon  11.00 AM

Spain  11.00 AM

Germany 11.00 AM

Romania 12.00 AM

Turkey  1.00 PM

Iran  02.30 PM

India 03.30 PM

Malaysia 06.00 PM

Japan  07.00 PM

Sydney time 09.00 PM

Session coordinated by Technium Editor.


All authors are invited to publish research manuscripts with us.Send your article for review to conference@techniumscience.com

Selected articles will be published in:

1. Technium Journals https://techniumscience.com



2. Advances in Bioresearch 0976-4585  http://www.soeagra.com/abr.html 



3.  Thermal Science Journal  http://thermalscience.vinca.rs/


4. International Journal of Current Research and Review http://ijcrr.com


5. Eximia Journal - Journal of Multidisciplinary Research  https://eximiajournal.com/

Simple registration! Submit completed form or send it to conference@techniumscience.com

Conference fee reduced for early registration to 30 Euro.

Conference Form http://techniumscience.com/conference.docx


Conference publishing workflow:


Sincerely yours,
TECHNIUM Organizing Team

 WhatsApp Messenger +44 790 281 2729 (Messages Only)    https://wa.me/447902812729

Published: 2021-08-21