Research Publication based on Artificial Intelligence

Our AI-Infused Research Journey:

  1. Deep Learning & Innovations: Journey through our findings on the latest advancements in deep learning, its challenges, and the horizons it can reach across diverse sectors.

  2. Ethics, Governance & AI: A critical lens on the ethical dimensions of AI. From privacy dilemmas to transparency in AI-driven decisions, our research delves deep into the heart of these concerns.

  3. Neural Networks & Their Wonders: Dive into our comprehensive studies on architectures and models that mimic human cognition, shedding light on their vast potentials and implications.

  4. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Explored: A detailed analysis of how machines are being fine-tuned to comprehend, interpret, and generate human languages with a precision that was once deemed unattainable.

  5. AI in Modern Healthcare: Our research elucidates the promises and the intricate challenges faced when integrating AI into healthcare systems, from diagnostics to patient-centric care.

  6. Robotics, Automation & The Future: Unravel our insights into the merger of AI with robotics, the rise of automation, and the fascinating future of human-machine collaboration.

Incorporating AI in Our Processes:

At Technium, we've seamlessly integrated AI into our review, editorial, and publication phases. This AI-driven approach aids in:

  • Efficient Manuscript Review: Using AI algorithms, we can swiftly identify peer reviewers, spot potential inconsistencies in research data, and highlight areas that need further scrutiny.

  • Editorial Excellence: AI assists our editorial team in ensuring consistency, clarity, and coherence, making certain that each publication maintains the high standards Technium is known for.

  • Streamlined Publication: AI accelerates the publication process by automating several stages, from layout formatting to reference checks, ensuring timely and impeccable outputs.

Join us in exploring the vast and intricate world of AI research, and experience firsthand how Technium is revolutionizing the landscape of academic publishing with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Research topics coverage in Technium Science

Technium Science offers the broadest, most integrated publication system of peer-reviewed articles across the sciences, technology, medicine (STM), as well as social sciences and arts & humanities (A&H). Journals in Technium Science are classified under four broad subject clusters (physical sciences, bio-chem-med, social sciences education & humanities), which are further divided into 135 major topics of research areas.

Articles may belong to more than one subject area.  Technium Science info site:


Serial publications coverage

Technium is a name with reputation in the East Europe and has a long tradition starting in 1961. The new online interface was possible via OJS and integrated AI System in 2018 in the Technium Conferences Series. At that time, Technium Science contained 1,200 fresh articles. There have been approximately 2100 new articles added to Technium Science since 2018. As per industry standards, Technium Science does not publish older articles from previous events and hardcopies, but rather begins publication with the most recent articles accepted for inclusion in Technium Science Volumes.

Upon the launch of Technium Science, the decision was made to add only PDF articles in the online volumes. In 2019, Technium Science announced the launch of the Technium BioChemMed Journal to include all articles requests from Chemestry, Biology and Medicine.  Since then „The Technium – The 7th kingdom of life” expanded to new ideeas and net technologyes that can become real after the human imagination created them with wide range of applications in Sciences, Medicine and even in Social sciences.

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