Technium Explained

Everything started with an idea. Technium: "Technology is the the seventh kingdom of nature"

The Technium is „The Superorganism of Technology” and the Technium Science is the publication place of this progress.


Technium Science became a movement!

You know, those ideas that can change your entire existence and influence a generation of enthusiastic researchers? Well, the Technium Science idea was one of those.

Technium Science is the publication option for more and more scientists and a way to disseminate science. The goal of Technium Science is to provide free and unrestricted access to all scientific knowledge.

Technium Science started as a single open access journal for providing quick access to all published articles, now we conquered the publication landscape with scientific journals - such articles are the main medium of communication of scientific knowledge today. Now Technium Science has grown a database of 2000+ research articles and books - freely accessible for anyone to read and download.

Today, Technium Science offers a wide range of publication options for books and articles for every researcher needs. Our books and articles cover well the indexing and visibility needs, such as Google Scholar, IndexCopernicus, CrossRef, EconPapers and many other international databases (IDB/ BDI).

Through our Technium Science journals we offer custom support for authors, plagiarism check and review that can give your article an uncomparable scientific look.

To summarize, Technium Science is perfectly tailored for researchers and professors worldwide. Our long history and experience will assure their satisfaction, because we know that only together we can create value and make a difference.

Making our partners/authors happy has become a kind of reason to live and a boost to move forward. You are invited to join the Technium Science today, WE LOVE SCIENCE.


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