Impact of Covid-19 on Oman's Construction Industry

  • Tariq Al Amri Santiago de Compostela University, PhD student
  • Manuel Marey-Pérez Santiago de Compostela University, Professor
Keywords: Construction Management, Oman, COVID-19, Economy


COVID-19 is a global pandemic that changed the global economic perspective. The ongoing pandemic is indeed the major cause of project delays in the Middle East. A severe impact is being taken place in all industries. Therefore, this research covers the construction industry of Oman, the Impact of COVID-19 on the construction industry; the global impact of COVID-19 pandemic; the impact of global impact, and the prospects of Oman's economy. The study covers the impact of COVID-19 on global and regional economies. The construction industry and its economic prospects are also discussed in the global pandemic of COVID-19. The secondary research critically insight the impact of coronavirus along with the construction business dimensions of Oman’s construction industry.           


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