Performative Allyship

  • Peter Kalina Mayo Clinic
Keywords: performative, allyship



Performative allyship refers to someone from a nonmarginalized group professing support and solidarity with a marginalized group, but in a way that is not helpful. Worse yet, the allyship is done in a way that may actually be harmful to “the cause.”   The “ally” is motivated by some type of reward. On social media, that reward is a virtual pat on the back for being a “good person” or for being “on the right side” of a cause, or “on the right side of history.” It is entirely possible to be opposed to racism or anti-Semitism while at the same time feeling free to say nothing. This is preferable to simply repeating what you’re being compelled to say.   Either be a true ally, or be comfortable being silent.  


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