Technium Science is the professional body and learned society for science and research in TFH NGO. We inspire people to develop their knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of research.
We encourage innovation, growth and productivity in research including grants and addressing publishing articles and books.
We are a world-leading science publisher and are proud to be a trusted and valued voice for the research community with our published journals.
You can help us transform the future, start sharing your research with us and gain high visibility worldwide. Invest in research today.

Technium’s registered office in Romania and we are supported by NGO association "T.F.H.".

Email correspondence will be sent to:
NGO association "T.F.H.", Romania

Principal Contact

TFH Editor
Dr. V. Ananthaswamy
Research Centre & PG Department of Mathematics The Madura College Madurai, India
Phone +44 7761 432201

Support Contact

TFH Editorial
Phone +44 7761 432201