Information For Librarians

We encourage research librarians to list this journal among their library's electronic journal holdings. As well, it may be worth noting that this journal's open source publishing system is suitable for libraries to host for their faculty members to use with journals they are involved in editing (see Open Journal Systems).

Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology uses an Open Access publishing model, which provides fast, worldwide, free access to the full content of research articles. Authors who publish in Technium retain the copyright of their article. The publication costs are covered by the NGO, authors, sponsors or research funds.

Digital preservation policy

Technium Science produces high-value scientific information for the scholarly community and as all of our content is published online, we are acutely aware of the need to ensure permanent availability of, and access to, these resources. We (as NGO) serve comunity needs, therefore have an archiving policy in place through which we are committed to preserving our online content in archiving services.

All Technium online journals and ebooks are archived online on our website and periodically stored offline  to to ensure that these resources are preserved in the long term.

After publication of the accepted papers, it will not normally be possible to include amended or corrected papers in the Journal.  

Post-publication changes to the Work will be made at the sole discretion of the Publisher. If the Author becomes aware of any request or need to make post-publication changes, the Author shall inform the Publisher without delay. If agreed by the Publisher, any such changes or amendments will be conducted with appropriate reference to the conventions, guidelines and practices of scientific publishing in recognition that the Article has become part of the record of science. By way of example, the Author is advised that it is not normally possible to simply replace a paper after it has been published in the Journal volume nor is it normally possible to remove papers, except under exceptional circumstances, once they have been published. In the event that any papers published in the Work should require replacement and/or amendments after their submission, the Publisher reserves the right to charge a fee equivalent to EUR 200 per paper as an administration fee.

All manuscripts are subject to critical review and the names of referees will not be dis­closed to the authors. The manuscript sent back to the au­thor for revision should be returned within 2 months in duplicate. Oth­er­wise it will be considered with­drawn. Revised manu­scripts are gen­erally sent back to the original referees for comments, unless (in case of minor revisions) the editors accept them without seeking further opinions. Proofs should be corrected and re­turned as soon as possible.