Crossing the digital divide: ICT implementation in the Al-Ula District


  • Fahad Albalawi General Directorate of Education in Madinah


Information and communication technology (ICT), change implementation processes, education in Saudi Arabia, instructional uses of ICT, Al-Ula school district.


This study investigated the use of information and communication technology (ICT) within the Al-Ula school district of Saudi Arabia. Participants for this study were teachers and principals in the Al-Ula school district who had experience using ICT within their schools. Data consisted of interviews with these participants, which were analyzed qualitatively. The central question of this study was: What do teachers and principals identify as the challenges to implementing educational technology in Al-Ula schools? Findings showed multiple barriers to ICT implementation at the organizational, practical/material, and individual level, including a lack of resources, training, policy, and plan for ICT implementation. 


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