The Use of Technical Analysis in the US, European and Asian Stock Markets

  • Deimante Teresiene Vilnius University, Lithuania
  • Margarita Aleksynaite Vilnius University, Lithuania
Keywords: Artificial intelligence, stock market, technical analysis


Technical analysis is a widely used tool in making investment decisions. Nowadays it becomes very popular in the context of big data analysis and artificial intelligence framework. Although the analysis of the results of indicators in certain markets often becomes the axis of technical analysis research, it is difficult to find articles aimed at applying and comparing this analysis in different markets. This paper attempts to answer the question of whether technical analysis indicators work in the same or different ways in the US, European, and Asian stock markets. For this purpose, 8 indicators are calculated, and their results are compared in three selected markets. The correlation between the indicators themselves in individual markets is also determined. It has been observed that the performance of technical analysis is similar in different markets so this type of analysis can be used in artificial intelligence framework.


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