Adoption of a child - an act of noble character

  • Blagojche Anastasov Faculty of Education- Bitola
  • Jasminka Kochoska Faculty of Education
Keywords: Family, child, adopting, benefits, truth, communication


Adopting a child is a truly emotionally difficult decision for any human being. To be a true parent, it is not necessary to be a biological parent. True parents are not those who give birth, but those who devote the best years of their lives to raising a wonderful child. Adoption is a noble act for adopted children, adoptive parents, his extended family and community. Its impact is generational, with a long-term benefit, as it will affect future generations of the family. For a number of children, adoption is the only way to have a family, and for a number of people the only opportunity to be realized as parents. There are a number of advantages to adopting a child, but in our society, it is still a concept that is misunderstood. Even today, this topic is not often discussed; it is avoided and almost never mentioned in education. Therefore, we must take the initiative and continue to learn how adoption is valuable and important to everyone.


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Blagojche Anastasov, Faculty of Education- Bitola

Faculty of Education “St. Kliment Ohridski” University- Bitola Republic of North Macedonia

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