The role of higher education in the formation of human capital

  • Botir Usmonov Tashkent chemical-technological Institute


The article is devoted to the analysis of the interconnections of the higher education system and human capital. The role and place of professional skills acquired in higher education in the formation of human potential is revealed. The relationship between higher education, human capital, the well-being of the individual, the profitability of the business entity and the development of the economy of the country as a whole is established. The components of the educational potential are analyzed. A number of measures are formulated that are necessary for implementation in the higher education system, which will prevent the loss of human capital and optimize the process of its formation. Through the prism of a new paradigm of society’s thinking, the situation in the field of the development of higher education and the accumulation of human potential in Uzbekistan is investigated. The directions of intellectualization of society in Uzbekistan and improving the quality of human capital are outlined.

New decade on Social Sciences