Impact of Job Promotion and Work Discipline on Employee Performance at PT. Jamkrida West Java

  • Yunia Azis STIE Ekuitas
Keywords: Promotion, Discipline, Employee Performance


In this research, the background of the problem is the implementation of promotions not based on the principles of professionalism, employee discipline, and less than optimal employee performance in carrying out tasks. The purpose of this study is to find out how job promotions and work disciplines affect employee performance. The object of this research is the employees of PT. Jamkrida West Java, 70 respondents used census techniques. This study uses a questionnaire as a data collection tool. The test used to test the research instrument is a validity and reliability test. Data analysis uses multiple linear regression analysis, correlation coefficient, and coefficient of determination. Job promotion (X1) and work discipline (X2) have an impact on employee performance (Y) of 74.6%. The results showed that the promotion of position, work discipline, and employee performance at PT. Jamkrida West Java in the sufficient category. PT. Jamkrida West Java should optimize the process of job promotion and work discipline in order to improve employee performance. Keywords: Promotion, Discipline, Employee Performance
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