Technical-economic study of a PV solar-hydrogen system with cogeneration for re-electrification in hotels

  • MOULEBE Laince Pierre Hassan II University, Laboratory of Structural Engineering, Intelligent Systems & Electrical Energy ENSAM Casablanca, MOROCCO.


The hotel industry is generally the second largest consumer of energy in the distribution of global energy consumption. This energy consumption is followed by a significant production of greenhouse gases where it occupies between second and third place. Climate change is underway and we can see the consequences. Hence the use of clean energy in the most consuming sectors becomes a major issue. In order to promote renewable energies, we can see that their price becomes more and more competitive with a carbon tax who keeps growing. Hence, we propose the technical-economic study of a hotel supplied with energy from the network, accompanying natural gas against a supply with solar panel, using hydrogen storage with full cell PEM for re-electrification accompanied by heat recovery from the PEM stack in order to have visibility on the attractiveness and the necessity of this technology for the residential-tertiary sector.

Sustainable Future and Technology DevelopmentĀ