Smart Energy policies - approaches in enabling inclusive and sustainable strategies at European level

  • Văsii Andrada Postdoctoral School, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration - Bucharest, Romania


The new approaches towards better implementations at national level for all actors part of the European Union stand on the pillars of sustainable and efficient European initiatives. On a clustered level, the European energy market can be considered as being more than a mere mimetic approach passed from country to country, but more as a ceaseless effort in attaining complementary national responses and market paths.


Subsequently, designing coherent and tailored national policies in the field of energy should aim to uplift existing practices through the implementation and assessment of Smart European initiatives.


On the long term, this would translate into creating Smart national policies, adequate to provide an answer to the existing disparities between European countries. Reducing national disparities in an effort to better implement European initiatives, would map the supranational paths as being more inclusive to country specific needs, thus making them more reliant when providing an answer in regards to country needs.

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