Factors Affecting Youth Interest to Raise Dairy Cows(A Case Study in Krajan Sub-Village, Malang Regency, East Java-Indonesia)


  • Siti Azizah & Shinta Meigi Sulistyana Faculty of Animal Science, Universitas Brawijaya-Indonesia


The study aimed to describe youth characteristics, to describe youth interest to raise dairy cows, and to know the effect of internal and external factors on youth interest in Krajan Sub-Village. The study was carried out from March to April 2020 in Krajan Sub-Village, Malang Regency, on 45 respondents. Respondents was selected using the purposive sampling method. The study shows that 46.7% of respondents are 26 to 30-year olds. 37.8% of the respondents were elementary and middle school graduates. 48.9% of the respondents were farmers. 82% of the respondents were males. 62.2% of the respondents had 5.1-10 livestock units. 48/9% of the respondents had family income from the farming sector for IDR 2,500,000 – 3,000,000. Factors affecting youth interest in Krajan Sub-Village to raise dairy cows are education level and income.These factors determined the interest of farming because higher education can increase their farming skills and higher income level will increase the interest of farming. Meanwhile, age, marital status, occupation type, sex, the number of livestock, cosmopolitan level, and occupational socialization do not affect youth interest to raise dairy cows.







Sustainable Future and Technology Development