CAE Tensile Analysis of Fiber Reinforced Polymers(FRP)


  • Andrei-Ionut Perdum Polytechnic University of Bucharest - Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering; Mobi Stil Prod - Quality Plastic Production;


Carbon nanotube, MWCNT, Carbon fiber, Mechanical performance, Reinforced Polymers, Light-weighting


Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites can play a role in vehicle light-weighting, due to their excellent specific strength and stiffness [1]. Simulations were evaluated to verify the influence of the filler in polymer matrix, by checking the differences in weight, density and maximum limit on tensile analysis(MPa) for each polymer composite (PA-MWCNT & PA-CF). Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites were incorporated at different loadings of 10 wt. %., 20 wt. %., and 30 wt. %. Statistical Analysis results, reveals that high tensile limit has been achieved, when the addition of 30 wt. % of CF filler in the PA66 polymer matrix has been added.





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