Pedagogical Threats and Opportunities of COVID19 Pandemic: Exploring the Experiences of the Teaching Workforce in the New Normal


  • Lauro Aspiras Quirino State University
  • Ms. Aspiras Quirino State University, Cabarroguis Campus


COVID19 pandemic, module writing, contact tracing, threats, opportunities, teaching force


This study aimed to explore the pedagogical threats and opportunities of the COVID19 as experienced by the teaching workforce in the new normal. The social phenomenological approach of the qualitative research design was employed. Data collection was carried out by open-ended questionnaire through Facebook messenger to dig deeper into the experiences of informants In addition, a thematic analysis was applied in analyzing the transcribed messages of the selected 20 faculty members of the campus. The results highlighted six (6) themes on the threats of the phenomenon, namely: difficulty in crafting self-paced learning module, lack of training in module writing  and the use of educational platforms(online), time constraints in module preparation, foreseen difficulty in assessing prior knowledge of students, fear on expectation versus reality in modular learning, and difficulty in tracing students’ contact. The results also reported five (5) opportunities such as: Students opportunity to read and learn at their own pace, enhanced learning capacity in module writing, opportunity to use the different media platforms for educational purposes, parents’ chance to involve/engage themselves in their children’s learning, and less stress of teachers on absenteeism and tardiness. Hence, the result of this study could be a policy-driven and eventually a basis in conceptualizing interventions of the identified perplexities






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