Divorce and agony: experience and effect on UUM foundation students


  • Mohan Rathakrishnan and Nur Qistina Binti Ramlan School of Language, Civilization and Philosophy Univeriti Utara Malaysia


Divorce can be interpreted as a separation from a pair of partner or dissolution of a marriage and frequently resulted when one or both sides of a couple lost interest in their marriage. As several of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) Foundation students come from a family whose parents are divorced, they undergo lots of agony due to parents’ separation.The effected students have to bear the pressure in forcing themselves to accept their parent separations.However, not many Foundation students realize how difficult their peers will be if their parent divorce.Thus, the aim of this research is to inspect the effect of divorce towards UUM Foundation students and how they overcome the problems. Due to Covid-19 catastrophe, Google Form were used to do the survey.Non-probability sampling type applied in this research is judgemental sampling where the researcher chooses only those people who they deem fit to participate in the research study.The 15respondents are fromUUM Foundation.28.6% respondents don’t experience any impact on their parents’ divorce while 28.6%, experienced short-term effect caused by their parents’ divorce.42.9% from UUM Foundation students whose parents are divorced experienced a big effect on their parents’ divorce. The finding showsfrom the survey, students of divorced parents mostly will experience long-term effect that may harm themselves and people around them. Some of the UUM Foundation studentscould not do well in their examination and become introvert due to their parents’ divorce. They feel they need to be recognized by someone who shows love, anger and happiness. Life without parents is life without relationship. 






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