Social Customs and Practices of the Khiamnungan Nagas (With special reference to Noklak Administrative Area, Tuensang)


  • Dr. Akhil Kr. Gogoi


Customs, law, practices, norms, society


 In order to live in society man had to abide by certain norms and practices which slowly evolved in the society in which man lived. These make man tolerate their fellow being respect their rights and fulfill their own obligations to society. These social customs (norms) and practices later on developed into usage which more or less acquired the force of law and subsequently became known as customary law. Customs have all the ingredients to meet requirements of contradiction. Admittedly, modern needs are varied, but for the villages and remote areas where the new civilization will take time to reach, these customary practices would be enough to help Naga societies to grow and flourish Naga societies (Khiamnungan society too) cannot grow, rather cannot exist unless they have a code of conduct and behaviour, and law of justice.






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