Learning management in the university of the pandemic era of covid 19 through the health system


  • Dr. Mesterjon Dehasen university in Bengkulu of Indonesian


The current Covid 19 pandemic has not only hit the economic sector, but almost all aspects of human life activities and activities, in the end the COVID-19 pandemic also has an impact on the learning process in higher education, it is not so visible as a whole but it seems unlikely that long time ago even suadah began, marked by the pamilier use of the social system (information communication technology), where its capabilities can no longer be covered up. With the free flow of information, science and technology, which are the most important aspects of the 4.O revolution, will also touch on the field of higher education, especially in the field of learning in higher education (PT) itself. The social era for higher education is also a force that can transform higher education from a monopoly of knowledge into an institution of many types of organizations that provide information and from one institution that is always limited by time and geography will transform into an institution without borders and can be accessed. easily and quickly. In addition, the real impact of Covid-19 is the loss of national borders which is commonly known as globalization. 4.O era has an impact on the strong climate of competition between various fields that were previously able to be protected by a country's regulations. The climate of increasingly fierce competition demands that all existing universities are able to provide answers with quality learning management in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic. This new awareness of quality has become a necessity for education in Indonesia, where education in Indonesia has a learning management mechanism in place. Quality education is a critical aspect to improve the welfare of a country or nation through improving the quality of human resources, state policies that prioritize investment in development for access and quality of education will be faster in improving the welfare of the country. In this dynamic environment, learning management based on the health system is an option to increase the effectiveness and productivity of learning management in order to create an organization that can provide satisfying services to students and society in general as well as educational objects (parents and students). in particular. At the same time it can also compete effectively in the local, national and even global context. In other words, universities in the Covid-19 era are now required to develop a management learning system to increase the effectiveness and productivity of private universities management which can be accessed by all students, lecturers and sticholders. This is a strategy and operation that is basically widely applied in the business world, as an anticipatory step towards new trends in order to achieve and maintain a competitive position, so that later human beings who have quality human resources can be produced according to the needs of the times.






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