Influence of electric field on the thermal properties of PP+NC nanocomposites for environmental chemistry application


  • Hadiyeva Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University


Using Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA) method the thermal-physical properties of nanocomposites PP+NC for environmental and environmental chemistry applications were studied and the thermal-destruction processes after aging in an electric field were determined. The influence of various external factors (strong electric field, electric discharge, temperature, radiation, etc.) on polymers and composites based on polymers penetrates into the deep layers of the matrix and leads to the destruction and reconstruction of the structure. Changes in the ratio of crystalline and amorphous phase occur due to the formation of an interlayer crystalline phase in the matrix. In this regard, the thermal properties of pure PP and PP+2.0% NC nanocomposites were investigated using the derivatographic method to study the influence of the electric field on the aging process, melting temperature, and crystallization rate and depolymerization process.


File published in International Conference on Sustainable Future and Environmental Science 17/03/2023 - 18/03/2023 Bucharest, Romania






Sustainable Future and Technology Development