Calculation and exploitation of active anti-roll system


  • Ionut Cristian Scurtu Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy
  • Andreea Radu Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy
  • Sorin Ovidiu Cupsa Maritime University of Constantza
  • Tiberiu Axinte Center for Navy Scientific Research
  • Costel Stanca Maritime University of Constantza



Today, more and more control systems of motion, are applied to different ships. Between the movement of the ship, the movement by rotation causes serious damage to the ship's equipment and their performance. There have been many efforts to invent or create certain equipment in order to eliminate these adverse effects. However, few types of equipment have had the same impact on the stabilization of the rollers and systems with active wings stabilizers. In the recent years have been carried out more research for the improvement of systems of the stabilizer fins. The anti-roll fins are a stabilization, reducing the rolling in the hull of the vessel using the elevator fin general designed on both borders of the keel.





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Scurtu, I. C. ., Radu, A., Cupsa, S. O., Axinte, T., & Stanca, C. (2020). Calculation and exploitation of active anti-roll system. Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, 2(1), 25–28.